Living in harmony with nature: is it possible?

Living in harmony with nature: is it possible?

Everywhere, we are told that it is essential and urgent to respect nature, to protect Mother Earth and to aspire to live in harmony with nature. But in today's world, this seems a utopia for many. Still, it's a possible dream with the right methods. It is enough to make a conscience in your daily life, to share with others and of course to respect the nature and the environment.

Respect the needs and the nature of the beings around us

Living in the company of other beings, such as we, animals or plants is common, but it is not always harmonious and often not in respect of nature.

Living in harmony with living beings, it is above all to respect their vital needs (love, food, water, sun, space, activity, care etc.), to assure them a context of life adequate to their needs (empathy, respect, privacy, large enough pot for the plant to grow, space large enough for the animals to live and develop their skills, possibility of putting an end to hunting etc.).

But to live in harmony with living beings is also to seek to understand their true nature, their possibilities and their limits, so as not to expect from them things that they cannot do (to be other than what they really are, think like us (for animals), make fruit each year etc.)

Protect nature

Living in harmony with nature also means trying to protect it: by practicing eco-friendly gestures every day, by buying organic products, by making responsible purchases (for example by buying a car that is not very greedy, fair products etc.), by consuming without excess.

This can also be done by volunteering in charities for children or conservation and nature conservation associations. To live in harmony with nature is to respect it. And respect begins with honesty. When one keeps an animal close to oneself, a plant or any other living being whereas he / she is obviously not in his place in this precise context, one must at least recognize that it is for us and not for him to do that.

When one medically tries to keep alive an elderly person who only wants to leave, it is not love in the true sense of the word. It is not love for animals either to keep animals in cages at home (birds, snakes, wild species, fish, etc.) or to force certain beings to cohabit when they have not enough room or they do not get along with one another.

Seek for peace for everyone

Living in harmony with nature can only be possible if everyone is at peace first. A world at war or in conflict cannot be in harmony with nature. War and nature are themselves contradictory concepts. Thus, to be in harmony with nature, everyone must first find peace.

A peace that Prem Rawat has shared throughout his life and even today. So people who want to live in harmony with nature must find peace and especially share it, following the example of Prem Rawat.